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Pine Hills Golf Club Wedding – Venue Review

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Pine Hills Golf Club – Revisited

If you’re planning a Pine Hills Golf Club wedding, please read this review.

It’s almost April and peak wedding season is almost upon us. I usually find myself traveling to Boston for weddings. I’m fine with that but it does make me appreciate some of the fantastic wedding venues in my area. Pine Hills Golf Club, a country club in my home town of Plymouth is one of those places. In that spirit, here is a reposting of a page I wrote about my experiences as a dj at Pine Hills.

5 Star Events Spotlights Pine Hills Golf Club

This month’s Spotlight on Wedding Reception Venues goes to Pine Hills Golf Club of Plymouth, Massachusetts. In this review, I’m going to highlight 3 areas that I feel set Pine Hills apart from other local facilities. I’ll discuss the dance floor, the kitchen, and the facilities outdoor spaces.

The Dance Floor

Let’s start with the dance floor considering that’s one of the most important factors for a wedding dj. What can I say, it’s perfect!! First it’s centrally located which means even distribution for the music. Some facilities create a situation that requires the dj to “play through”, cheesy golf pun intended – sorry, a group of tables before the music makes it to the dance floor. This makes the music much louder for the people in front and often difficult for the people in back to hear. At Pine Hills County Club all of your guests will be able to hear the music at a comfortable level.

The other benefit of the Pine Hills dance floor is that it’s perfectly proportioned for the room. Most facilities have a dance floor that’s either too small or too large. Both are a cause for concern. Obviously if the dance floor is too small there isn’t enough room for your guests to dance. On the flip side, rooms with gigantic dance floors make it difficult to create the party atmosphere that most couples hope for. Even with everyone dancing, the floor can seem a bit empty, and this can effect the parties energy in a negative way. The correct size dance floor appears full when the dancing is at it’s busiest – that’s the case at Pine Hills.

Outdoor Spaces

One of the features I love the most about the Pine Hills is that it offers both indoor & outdoor spaces to host your event. Although there are other local facilities with outdoor spaces, most have noise restrictions that call for limited or no amplified music. So if you’re planning to use the gazebo for your ceremony or the pavilion for your cocktail reception, special music arrangements will not be necessary.

Another great feature about the outdoor space at Pine Hills is that is has been thoughtfully prepared for musical entertainment. There is electricity located at almost every location I can think of. So if we have a big wedding and want to mic the officiant and readers, no problem. There’s electricity at the Gazebo. If you want amplified music for the ceremony, again no problem. There’s electricity opposite the Gazebo by the Pavilion. If you want music for the cocktail reception, still no problem. This accessibility gives us options. Options lead towards seamless transitions and a worry free day.

The Kitchen

Lastly, let’s talk about the kitchen. Over the years I’ve become an expert on wedding food. Well figure that every weekend for the last 20+ years I’ve eaten between 1 & 3 meals at different banquet facilities. With wedding food you never know what to expect. Even the same kitchen on a different day can be inconsistent. I say without hesitation that every meal I’ve had at Pine Hills has been great. Maybe I’m a bit biased – at Pine Hills they take very good care of the wedding vendors. If that’s on purpose, it’s a smart move, because word spreads fast.

Some local facilities make it a burden for wedding vendors to eat. A common occurrence is that the vendor meals come out after the last guest meal has been plated. By this time most of the guests have already eaten. That leaves 2 or 3 minutes for your photographer, videographer & dj to eat. It doesn’t matter so much to me but I see that it really bothers Photographers & Videographers. They’ve already put in a long day and need that meal and a few minutes to re-energize.

At Pine Hills there is always a table reserved in the pub and a great meal for your vendors. As an added bonus the room captain always takes a drink order, and brings it to the table. These may seem like small things but they make your vendors feel appreciated and happy. The end result is that everyone is working harder for you, which makes a much better reception. On behalf of wedding vendors everywhere, Pine Hills, I say thank you!!

I can’t talk about the food without commenting on the dinner service at Pine Hills Country Club. It’s efficient and speedy. Please don’t under estimate the importance of this. Some local facilities take as long as 2 hours for dinner. At a wedding reception, this will suck the energy out of a room faster than almost anything else. You should expect the meal to last from 45 minutes to 1 hour and that’s always the case at Pine Hills.

So that’s my review!! I hope it helps. For the record I work there 4 or 5 times every year and look forward to it. If you have any specific questions feel free to forward them on to me. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

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