5 Star Events has partnered with Creative Uplighting to provide the best uplighting available anywhere. All of our lights are controlled by touch tablet devices that allow nearly unlimited creativity and color control to the onsite technician. Our uplights come in three sizes and designs, each light serves a specific purpose.

Packages – $600-$1250 & up.

Highlights Package – $600

Includes up to 16 Droplights.  These lights create a focused beam up the wall, column or other architectural elements. Perfect for smaller to mid sized rooms, or spaces that you want to highlight rather than “wash” the complete perimeter. *

Perimeter Package – $850

Includes a combination of up to 24 Droplights and Wallwashers.  The additional lights will provide more vibrant color,light intensity, and will add a “wash” of color to the walls. The added effect is like painting the room with color. *

Deluxe Perimeter Package – $1250

Includes a combination of up to 32 Droplights, Wallwashers & Spotmaxes. This package is meant for larger rooms or spaces with taller ceilings. The included Spotmaxes are the brightest wireless LED uplights available anywhere and are perfect for anchoring a room’s corners, taller architectural elements or focal points.

Types of uplights


Droplights are small, about the size of a hockey puck. They  are extremely bright for their size and project beautiful and accurate colors.  These fixtures have a very narrow, focused beam and are excellent for accenting walls, columns or architectural element.


Wallwashers are larger than droplights and have a wide beam angle. They are designed to spread light and cover larger sections of wall. They are long and skinny in shape. They are called wallwashers because they “wash” the wall in color.


The Spotmax and Spotlights are the largest of our uplights. They are actually the brightest wireless uplights on the market. We use them to anchor corners and light larger rooms.

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