Over the years 5 Star Events has provided some of the best uplighting available anywhere. All of our lights are wireless, and controlled by touch tablet devices that allow nearly unlimited creativity, and color control to the onsite technician. Make no mistake about it, we only use the best equipment available and it shows. Our uplights come in four different sizes, and each light serves a specific purpose. We can make any space look exactly how you envision it!

Lighting Packages

Highlights Package – $800

Includes up to 16 droplights.  These lights create a focused beam up the wall, column or other architectural elements. Perfect for smaller to mid sized rooms, or spaces that you want to highlight rather than “wash” the complete perimeter.

Perimeter Package – $1100

Includes a combination of up to 24 droplights.  The additional lights will provide more vibrant color, light intensity, and will add a “wash” of color to the walls. The added effect is like painting the room with color. *

Custom Lighting Package – Contact us for a quote on your space!

Some spaces require a combination of different light sizes & mounting options. These are the larger spaces with tall ceilings, spaces with unique features, or even spaces with multiple rooms. In some of these cases the standard droplight packages may not be enough. Contact us to create a custom package to perfectly light your space!

  • DJ Dave Hodges

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