Boston Wedding DJ Seeking Engaged Couples!

Award winning Boston Wedding DJ company 5 Star Events, is looking for engaged couples who want fun receptions with lots of dancing, no gimmicks and games, and great music. DJ Dave Hodges will provide the perfect mix of music, in a style that’s more reserved than flashy, packing the dance floor with you and your guests.

Boston DJ Company based on The South Shore

Because 5 Star Events performs more than half of our weddings in and around Boston, clients typically assume that we are a Boston DJ company. They are often pleasantly surprised to find that we don’t come with the “Boston price tag”. We are actually based in Rockland on the South Shore and don’t have an expensive Boston office or the typical Boston expenses. Because of that, we can offer the same (we think better) quality service for the cost of a South Shore DJ.  See for yourself. We are one of the few companies that actually post our dj prices online!

How to Hire a DJ

Planning a social event like a wedding reception is a huge undertaking. I want to offer my assistance. It’s important that you get a great DJ whether it’s me or someone else. To help with that I’ve written an article titled “How to Hire a Wedding DJ in 7 easy steps.” I know you are suspicious, let me be clear, this is not like the million articles online about hiring a DJ. It was not written so you hire the person who wrote it (in this case me). It’s actually, an honest, no-nonsense approach to finding a great DJ.

The Answers You’re Looking For

I want  you to find the answers you came looking for. To make it easy I’m going to link directly to our frequently asked questions. If it’s pricing you’re after, you can find wedding pricing here. I’m a firm believer that music for weddings must sound amazing. If you’d like to find out how we accomplish this, check out the page that describes our disc jockey equipment.

In the beginning

My name is Dave Hodges, and I’m the owner of 5 Star Events, a company that my brother Greg started over 30 years ago. At that time, he wasn’t even old enough to drive! He was just a kid with entrepreneurial spirit – trying to make a few bucks. It’s hard to believe that 2000 weddings and other events later, his vision is still alive and STRONG! Even harder to believe, it was his only job in all that time. “I guess I’m lucky to have found something that I loved (and could make a living at), at such a young age.”

Over the years a lot has changed. Instead of spinning records we are playing mp3’s. We’ve graduated from 40th birthday, and retirement parties at dive bars, to upscale weddings at country clubs and the finest hotels. Greg was even lucky enough to play a wedding DJ on TV. You can see him in the season 1 finale of the Brotherhood on the Showtime Network. While there have been changes, a lot has stayed the same. We’ve always held core values that I base my business decisions upon. Whatever you call it, a moral compass or mission statement, I believe it’s what has kept me successfully in business all of this time.

  • I will always spend enough time to properly prepare for an event.
  • I will take every opportunity to go the extra mile.
  • I will keep up to date with advances in technology and my music library.
  • I will treat customers fairly and honestly.
  • I will always have a backup plan for everything.
  • Most importantly I will give 110% to every event and every client.

These principals have guided me well and I believe they will bring continued success into the future.

About DJ Dave Hodges

2004 started a new chapter for 5 Star Events. It was then when Greg decided to train and take on a new hire, his brother Dave. Dave spent two years as my student, assisting at all of my weddings & events. He took home playlists to study & analyze and before long was going out on his own events. It must be in his blood because he took to it in a very short time. Dave is now one of Boston’s most requested DJs and is getting rave reviews to back it up. 2018 Marks the year where he officially took over ownership of 5 Star Events.  Please click the Weddingire link on this page, you’ll be able to read reviews from his many satisfied clients.


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