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Chinese Lanterns

Ok, we’ve finally got some great shots of our new lantern lights in action. If you haven’t been following along, my ProDJpc partner Paul Gormley & I have been perfecting, in our opinion, the only “useable” battery powered light source for paper hanging lanterns. Through my lighting company Creative Uplighting, we’ve used just about every available light source. It was so frustrating because nothing we could find worked well enough to meet our standards – either the lights looked like they were barely on, they glowed with an unnatural bluish tint, or they died out midway through the party. Of course there are plug in solutions but running extension cords isn’t always practical and can be very time consuming. I’ve seen tent companies who charge $50 per lantern just to make up for the hassle involved in running all of the cables.

I love the way lanterns look, so with Paul’s help, I set out to find a solution. My requirements were simple. First the light would have to be bright enough to compete with plug-in lights. Second, it’s much easier to set up in advance of the party, before the tables are in and set up. That means the lights would have to last considerably longer than the party. Lastly, the fixtures would preferably be rechargeable.

So as you can see our product is here and the results are clear. These lantern lights are fantastic!!

Paper hanging lanterns with blue uplights

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