January 24, 2012 2:53 am

Aldrich Mansion – RI Uplighting. Amazing!!

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Creative Uplighting – Special Event Lighting

Dave took the long ride to Warwick,  to setup the Aldrich Mansion, RI uplighting on this past snowy Saturday. If you’re new to 5 Star Events and haven’t heard, our company offers fantastic special event lighting for weddings including uplighting, projected gobo monograms and paper hanging lanterns through our sister company Creative Uplighting. In addition to lighting options, we also provide a beautiful black & white checkerboard dance floor to complete a breathtaking lighting design.

Lighting Design

For this event, our clients wanted white uplighting to accent their winter theme. To achieve the look,  Dave created a color wash in the larger spaces with our wide beamed Color Maker uplights. Our company uses several different types of uplighting fixtures, each has a different color range, brightness and beam spread. He used our new narrow beamed Astera puck shaped lights to light the smaller or more delicate spaces and to highlight some of the architectural elements. These lights also are amazing at creating white light. They one of the few led uplights that have a dedicated white LED. Most LED uplights create white by mixing the right combination of Red, Green & Blue. The three color approach works pretty well but can’t match the light quality of the Astera fixtures.

As the reception progressed the lighting scheme changed to a variety of blues, pinks, & purples. The fixtures we use are all completely wireless and operate by remote control. The remote control allows us to change color instantly. It also allows us to color match the lighting to floral arrangements, linens or basically any color you have in mind.

You can see from the pics below that the lighting accents the space very nicely. Props to Dave for getting these beautiful images. It was his first day on my camera.

Although, we are most well known for our work as a Boston uplighting and dj company but please consider us for work outside Massachusetts. We are perfectly happy to work in all of the New England States as well as on your remote destination weddings.

Aldrich Mansion RI Uplighting.

Special thanks to Leslie Delaney and Diana Scolponeti of Perfect Weddings for getting us involved in this beautiful event.

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