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Learn “How to hire a wedding dj in 7 easy steps”.

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Learn to hire a wedding dj

A google search for “Hire a wedding dj” brings up over 2,700,000 posts -most do little to help you do that. I set out to change that.

I barricaded myself in my office for the last three days. “How to hire a wedding dj in 7 easy steps” are the fruits of my labor. The methods are mostly unconventional but will yield great results if you are trying to find a dj for your wedding.

Here’s a preview of the steps:

  1. Create your Wedding DJ Master List.
  2. Use wedding review sites to narrow the field.
  3. Every wedding dj must have a website.
  4. Get the gossip on bridal chat boards like the Knot
  5. Which dj cares the most?
  6. Have other wedding professionals review your potential wedding djs.
  7. Set up face to face dj interview meetings.

The steps may seem “obvious”, but a quick read will show that I use most of the above tools differently than most. I give away what I consider to be insider secrets that help you get right to the information you need to make an educated decision.

You’ll start by creating a “Wedding DJ Master List”. Using the tools I outline, you’ll narrow that down to the “DJ Short List”.  Step 7 will have you setting up interview meetings and hopefully lead to you finding the best dj for your wedding.

I would love it if you read the article and post your comments back here. If you use my advice and it helps, I’d love to hear it.

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