Music for weddings must sound fantastic!!

As DJs, our “product” is music for weddings. I’m not sure why it is, but most DJs spend the bare minimum in equipment necessary to do the job. See for yourself. When interviewing potential djs for your wedding, ask what they use for equipment. Lets use speaker cabinets as a reference. For this, you’re going to need the make and model numbers. With that info in hand, read step 5 of my article “Hire a wedding DJ in 7 easy steps”.  I think you’ll be surprised with what you find. If you’re following along, my speaker cabinets are (2) RCF TT22-A & (2) RCF 4Pro 800s-AS.

We are DJs that are passionate about sound. We want to play the best wedding music, and have it sound amazing!!

Choosing the perfect selection of songs for your reception is one thing, playing it is another. Unlike the huge, bulky machinery that dominated the industry (and most of the ballroom) in the past, technology has compacted
everything I need into a small console.

The system I use is one that I actually designed, and is as powerful as it is
compact. It’s biggest benefit is it’s enormous music library. It’s catalog
contains almost 100,000 songs – and that library is growing steadily!!

Using this system, I’m able to create your playlist in advance. That way, when
it’s time for me to play, all of your favorite songs will be ready and waiting.
The system also allows me to make changes to our designed program “on the fly”
to allow for requests – even for a request I don’t have on file. In the rare case that I get a request that’s not in my library, a couple of key presses allow me to download the
song from the web & “presto” there it is – 10 million songs available at my fingertips.

Playing the perfect music, perfectly, also requires the proper sound equipment.
In this department I’ve spared no expense. As an example, I’ve chosen to import my
main speakers from Italy because they were the best I could find. The manufacturer,
RCF, provides the “insides” to most of the speaker cabinets found at concert halls
and auditoriums.

In larger rooms, I prefer to add sub-woofers to the system. These speakers add
punch, depth, and realism to the music. This addition is the equivalent to watching
a movie after adding a surround sound system to your television set. The difference
is tremendous.

As an insurance policy, I’ve invested in backup equipment for each component that
I carry, right down to the connecting cables and adaptors. Your reception music is just as important to me as it is to you and I want to ensure that it goes
off as perfectly as we’ve planned.

  • DJ Dave Hodges

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